At the Foundry we can work on a range of technology projects to suit your needs. We specifically specialise in four types projects. Below you’ll find explanations of those types along with some of the fantastic projects we’ve had the pleasure of working on and are incredibly proud of!

Types of Projects

Game Development & Gamification

The Foundry is home to budding developers, 3D modelers, programmers and designers who love to use their imagination and technical expertise to bring your interactive idea to life. We can also discuss adding gamification to your product, service or business.

Software, Web or Mobile Development

Recent examples of these types of Foundry projects include a mental health app, an artist’s WordPress catalogue, a site re-design to address inclusivity, accessibility and usability issues, or a creating a VR immersive learning experience

UX & UI Design

Trained in user experience design, a Foundry intern can help solve user research, usability or UI problems and create personas, user journeys, high fidelity prototypes, as well as design fluid interfaces for various applications and platforms.

SME Packages

Pre-defined units of digital business support (e.g. a word press site, social media plan, data visualization) at fixed price plus admin fee. An SME package can be delivered in the Foundry or at a local partner organization. The availability of our packages depends on the student calendar, with more being available during vacation times.




Cyberus Neon Rhythm is a project commissioned by UWE Bristol IT services to raise awareness of cyber security issues. Cyberus is a music rhythm game using Elgato Steam Decks where players must press the correct buttons in time with the music to defend their devices from incoming spam emails and rack up points in the process. Cyberus is educational, competitive and stylish.

VR Speed Titans

An enthralling, unique multiplayer game which sees teams working together against the clock, collecting objects from a junk yard to create their very own speed machines. Their designs are then put to the test on an airstrip, with scores given for accuracy, distance and top speed achieved. Available as PC game or fully immersive in VR.


Commissioned by UWE Bristol IT services, Infiltrators is a serious game developed to teach about the importance of device security in public locations such as an office or university lab. Inspired by stealth games like Metal Gear and Splinter Cell, the player takes control of a news reporter’s tech assistant on a mission to get the latest scoop on an evil corporation of hackers. 

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